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National University of Singapore
10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119260

Appointment: PROFESSOR
Office: AS04/02-07A
Email: gbishop@nus.edu.sg
Tel: 6516-6415
Fax: 6778-1213
Homepage: http://www.georgebishop.net
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Brief Introduction Top

I am a health psychologist doing research on psychological aspects of physical health and also teaching courses in health psychology.

Teaching Areas Top

  • PL3242 - Health Psychology
  • PL3286 - Laboratory in Applied Psychology
  • FMA1201N - Music on the Brain
  • USE2307 - From Microbes to Nations: The Case of HIV/AIDS

Current Research Top

My current research focuses on the role of emotion, specifically angerand genetic markers in cardiovascular responses as well cardiovascular responses in emotion regulation.

Research Interests Top

  • Emotion and health
  • Role of anger in coronary heart disease
  • Genetic markers and their relationship to psychosocial factors in CHD
  • Emotion regulation
  • Psychosocial aspects of AIDS
  • Lay conceptions of physical illness
  • Cultural factors in health

Publications Top


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Other Information Top

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