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Brief Introduction Top

My degree is from BGSU. I arrived at NUS in 2005. From 2009 I hold a joint appointment to the University Scholars Programme.

Teaching Areas Top

Semester 2:

PH2220/GEK2034 Social Philosophy and Policy
PH4202 Political Philosophy (seminar)

Research Interests Top

Theoretical and applied ethics
Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion

Publications Top


  • Beyond Self-Interest (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2002). With co-authors Gregory Beabout, Ricardo Crespo, Stephen Grabill, and Kim Paffenroth.


  • The Conflict between Chinese Cultural and Environmental Values in Wildlife Consumption (with Kirsten Conrad), forthcoming in Paul Harris and Graeme Lang (eds.) ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOK OF ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIETY IN ASIA.
  • The Normative Significance of Conscience (with Kevin Vallier), JOURNAL OF ETHICS AND SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY 6:3 (2012), 1-22.
  • Republican Equality, SOCIAL THEORY AND PRACTICE 38:3 (2012), 432-454.
  • Legal Toleration for Belief and Behavior, HISTORY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT 31:1 (2010), 87-106.
  • Wealth and Poverty in the Liberal Tradition (with Loren Lomasky), THE INDEPENDENT REVIEW: A JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY 13:4 (2009), 493-510.
  • Hell and Divine Reasons for Action, RELIGIOUS STUDIES 45:1 (2009), 51-61.
  • Critical Study of Michael Gill, The British Moralists on Human Nature and the Birth of Secular Ethics, PHILO: A JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY 10:2 (2008), 158-167.
  • When Experiments in Living Go Awry, in Jonathan Riley (guest editor), STUDIES IN THE HISTORY OF ETHICS, Symposium: J.S. Mill's Ethics (December 2007), 1-33.
  • Law, Liberty, and Christian Morality, RELIGIOUS STUDIES 43:4 (2007), 395-415.
  • Can a Good Christian Be a Good Liberal? PUBLIC AFFAIRS QUARTERLY 20:2 (2006), 163-174.
  • A Metaethical Option for Theists, JOURNAL OF RELIGIOUS ETHICS 34:1 (2006), 3-20.
  • Moral Judgment and Emotions, JOURNAL OF VALUE INQUIRY 38:3 (2005), 375-381.
  • Copping Out on the Anything Goes Objection, PHILOSOPHIA CHRISTI 6:2 (2004), 289-294.
  • Three Concepts of Political Liberty, JOURNAL OF MARKETS AND MORALITY 6:1 (2003), 117-142.
  • Emotivism and Deflationary Truth, PACIFIC PHILOSOPHICAL QUARTERLY 83:3 (2002), 270-281.


  • J. B. Schneewind, Essays on the History of Moral Philosophy, JOURNAL OF MORAL PHILOSOPHY 9:2 (2012), 295-298.
  • John Hare, Gods Call: Moral Realism, Gods Commands, and Human Autonomy, PHILOSOPHIA CHRISTI 5:1 (2003), 342-349.
  • Linda Zagzebski, Emotion and Moral Judgment, BROWN ELECTRONIC ARTICLE REVIEW SERVICE (BEARS), Jamie Dreier and David Estlund, editors, Posted July 22, 2003.
  • Edward W. Younkins, Capitalism and Commerce, JOURNAL OF MARKETS AND MORALITY 6:2 (2003), 695-698.
  • Alexander Kaufman, Welfare in the Kantian State, JOURNAL OF VALUE INQUIRY 36:4 (2002), 563-566.
  • J. C. Lester, Escape From Leviathan: Liberty, Welfare and Anarchy Reconciled, LIBERTY 16:11 (2002), 41-44.
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