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Brief Introduction Top

My research addresses the interactions of physical, ecological, and human systems, with water resources serving as a common nexus.  My work typically involves developing environmental monitoring programs that facilitate understanding catchment processes, as they vary both naturally and anthropogenically over different spatial and temporal scales. One current research focus area is determining if intensive agrarian systems on sloping lands in SE Asia are environmentally sustainable in terms of water availability, water quality, land degradation processes (e.g., erosion, landslides), biodiversity, and carbon sequestration.  In particular, how does the environmental footprint of intensified systems, such as permanent cultivation, greenhouse agriculture, and monoculture plantations of rubber and oil palm, compare with that of traditional swidden practices? Two other emerging focus areas are (1) determining the extent of co-facilitation among of mangroves, seagrass, and coral ecosystems; and (2) modeling the aquatic/riparian habitats associated with fish and snail host species of parasitic diseases in SE Asia. 

Teaching Areas Top

GE3230: Field studies (set in Thailand). 
GE4211: Catchment processes and management 
GE4880: Topics in geomorphology 
GE5211: Dynamic environments 

Current Research Top

Ziegler, AD, Sunsanee Rajchagool (Intercountry Centre for Oral Health, ICOH). Origin and consequences of high fluoride concentrations in ground water wells in the Chiang Mai and Lamphun areas of northern Thailand. Monsoon Foundation ($25,000): Thailand

Ziegler, AD (PI), RJ Wasson. 2012-2013. FASS Faculty Research Support Scheme. Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Tier 1 (c-109-000-222-091) (S$5785): Singapore.

Ziegler, AD (PI). 2012-2013. FRA Excellent Researcher Award (R-109-000-131-133). Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences ($4132): Singapore.

Ziegler, AD (PI). Anthropogenic and Natural Controls on Stream Chemistry at Multiple Scales. Ministry of Education (MOE) Academic Research Fund (AcRF, R-109-000-134-112), Singapore ($387,982): Thailand.

HU Jiangyong, Chew Soon Hoe; Ong Bee Lian; Chui Ting Fong, May; Lim Han She; Alan D. Ziegler; Lee Lai Yoke 2011-2014. Noble bioretention systems development for sustainable stormwater management (Public Utilities Board: $269,000): Singapore (tentatively accepted as of August, 2011).

DL Higgitt (PI, NUS), M Chui (NUS), AD Ziegler (NUS), Lim HS (NUS), R Wasson (Charles Darwin, Australia), G Brierly (U Auckland). 2011-2013. River Rehabilitation: An integrated approach to flood hazard management in Asian cities. NUS Global Asia Institute ($178,862): Singapore, China, India.

Ziegler AD (PI, NUS), PA Todd (PI, NUS), T Bouma (PI, NIOO-CEME), PMJ Herman (NIOO-CEME). 2009-2012. Towards designing innovative coastal protection using ecosystem-based approaches; deriving underlying ecological knowledge. SDWI/Eco-Shape/Building with Nature grant (R-303-001-020-414), Singapore & The Netherlands ($476,680): Thailand.

Fox, JM (PI, E/W Center, Hawaii), TW Giambelluca (Co-PI, UHM), Qi Chen (Co-PI , UHM), AD Ziegler (Co-PI, UHM). The expansion of rubber and its implications for water and carbon dynamics in Montane Mainland Southeast Asia. 2008-2012. NASA project #NNX08AL90G ($960,000): Laos, Thailand, Cambodia

Research Interests Top

Water-borne diseases
Earth surface processes
Monsoon areas & tropical environments
Impacts of land-cover & land-use change in SE Asia
Interactions between people and the physical environment

Publications Top



    Short Communications (7 listed on ISI Web of Science and/or Scopus)

    Sithithaworn, P, AD Ziegler, AD, Grundy-Warr, RH Andrews, T Petney. 2012. Alterations to the lifecycle of liverflukes: dams, roads, and ponds. The Lancet Infectious Disease 12(8): 588.

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    Internationally Refereed Journal Publications (74 listed on ISI Web of Science and/or Scopus)

    Nanko, K, TW Giambelluca, RA Sutherland, R Mudd, M Nullet, AD. Ziegler. 2013. Erosion potential under Miconia calvescens stands on the Big Island of Hawai‘i. Land Degradation and Development DOI: 10.1002/ldr.220.

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