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Brief Introduction

Dr S Vasoo is Emeritus Professor at the Department of Social Work, National University of Singapore. He obtained his Doctorate and Master of Social Work from the University of Hong Kong and holds a Diploma in Social Studies with distinction from the University of Singapore. He authored several monographs on social issues and has published various such articles both internationally and locally.

Academic/Professional Qualifications:

  • Dip Soc Stud-Distinction(1969),University of Singapore

  • MSocWk(1976),University of Hong Kong

  • PhD(1986),University of Hong Kong

Awards/Honours (Post-PhD): Prof Jean Robertson Book Prize in Social Work(1976.)

Hon Membership Award, Singapore Association of Social Workers(1986)

Justice of Peace,Singapore (2005- 2015)

Awarded Distinguished Alumni of Faculty of Social Sciences (5 Dec 2007),University of Hong Kong

Awarded Distinguished Alumni of Faculty of Social Sciences (2023). National University of Singapore

Ann Wee NUS Social Work Alumni Award 2015

Lifetime Volunteer Award by Allkin (formerly Ang Mo Kio  Family Service Centre)


Career History:

  • Deputy Director Singapore Council of Social Service(1973-79)

  • Director National Council of Social Service and Community Chest (1984-86)

  • Lecturer(1979-87);Senior Lecturer(1987-98)

  • Assoc Professor(1998-2002)

  • Former Member of Parliament(1984-2001)

  • Associate Professorial Fellow ( July 2002- 2018)

  • NUS Emeritus Professor 2020 to date

Administrative Leadership:

  • Head,Department of Socail Work and Psychology(1986-1999)
  • Executive Director, Singapore Council Of Social Services  and Community Chest (On Secondment from NUS 1984-1986)
  • Chairman of Ee Peng Liang Memorial Fund
  • Chairman of Centre for Social Development  (2002- 2020)
  • Chairman of Social Service Research Centre (2005 -2018)
  • Chairman of Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital Medifund (2000-2018)
  • Former Chairman of Aces Care 2020-2022

        Professional/Consulting Activities:

  • Advisors. Movement of the Imtellectually Disabled of Singapore and Downs Syndrome Assn (Todate)
  • Advisor. Beyond Social Service(1990-Present)
  • Advisor. Allkin (Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre )(1984-Present)
  • Advisor. Central Singapore Community Development Council (2002- Present)
  • Advsor.  Community Care   and Residents Organisations  (2006- Present)
  • Advisor Global Institute of Social Work (GISW) 2016- 
  • Advisor Ang Mo Kio Town Council
  • Advisor DREAMS Singapore 
  • Second Advisor Ang Mo Kio Grassroots Organisations

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Teaching Areas

Teaching Areas:

  • Community Development
  • Management of Human Services
  • Dynamics of Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Social Work in Health Care Setting.
  • Volunteerism and Philantrophic Activities
  • Ageing Studies 

Current Research

  • Community Development
  • Ageing
  • Social and Volunteer Participation and Social Policies
  • Social Impact of Retrenchment
  • Corporate Philantrophy.
  • Vulnerable Families

Research Interests

Research on volunteer participation and management,Singapore social policy issues and implications, community participation , retrenchments of older workers and impact, vulnerable families and philantrophic activities.



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  • NA
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