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My research centers on the social determinants of health, development, and well-being of children and families. One stream of my research focuses on the intergenerational transfer of (dis)advantage in health and cognitive development. These include a series of papers that illustrate how parental resources and characteristics influence the health and cognitive development of children in India. A second related line of work evaluates the role of governmental intervention on children’s health and cognitive achievement. The third stream of research assesses the role of contextual factors and how these interact with personal characteristics in shaping human development. The last strand focuses on the role of gender inequality on women’s health in developing countries.

I received a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Maryland in 2015. As a graduate student at Maryland, I was closely involved with the India Human Development Survey and have contributed towards questionnaire development and data collection for the second wave of the survey (www.ihds.umd.edu).

My research has featured in articles by the BBC and Huffington Post:

100 Women: Is child vaccination boosted by educating mothers? https://www.bbc.com/news/health-41280113

Being Bold For Change: Uncovering Gender Gaps In Immunization Coverage: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/being-bold-for-change-uncovering-gender-gaps-in-immunization_b_59de078de4b0df59e2613d5b



Teaching at present:

Population and Society: An Introduction to Social Demography (SC2208)

Selected Topics in Health and Society (SC4881)

Methods of Social Research (SC2101)

Taught previously: 

Practising Anthropology and Sociology (SC4101) 

Chen, Xuejiao. 2017. How Income Shapes Preschool Children’s Development in China. (Ph.D. Committee Member)

Saha, Shrestha. 2019. Social capital and Health in India. (Ph.D. Committee Member)

Undergraduate Supervision:

Lee, Jean-Rong. 2021. The Effects of Social Capital on Young Adults’ Mental Health Outcomes in the Singapore COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Context. Completed.

Thon, Hui Yi. 2019. Doing’ Family Across Distance: Transnational Ties and Mental Health among Filipina Domestic Workers. Completed.

Lim, Russell. 2019. A Comparative Analysis of The Influence of Culture on University Student’s Motivations to Volunteer. Completed.

Ping, Joyce. 2018. The Role of Gender in Help-Seeking Behaviour for Mental Health Issues in Singaporean University Students. Completed.

Lim, Nicholas. 2018. Do family and friends help or hinder? A study on social capital and depression amongst university students in Singapore. Completed.

Vikram, Kriti and HJ Lee. “Early Marriage and Health of Women in Developing Countries"

Vikram, Kriti, Ganguly. Dibyashree and Srinivas Goli. “Gender Differences in Time Use Patterns among Children in India: The Construction of Privilege and Servitude.” 

Vikram, Kriti. “Fathers’ Migration and Nutritional Outcomes of Left-Behind Children in India”

Chindarkar, Namrata and Kriti Vikram. “Caste-based Discrimination and Education in India”



Demography, Social Determinants of Health and Mortality, Child Health and Development, Family and Life Course, India


  • Vikram, Kriti. 2021.“ Early Marriage and Health among Women at Midlife: Evidence from India.” Journal of Marriage and Family, 83(5):1480-1501. 

    Vikram, Kriti. 2021. “Fathers’ Migration and Academic Achievement among Left-Behind Children in India: Evidence of Continuity and Change in Gender Preferences.” Forthcoming in International Migration Review.

    Vikram, Kriti. 2021. "College Education among Women and Marriage in India." Forthcoming in the Journal of Family Issues.

    Vikram, Kriti and Namrata Chindarkar. 2020. “Bridging the Gender Gap in Cognitive Achievement in India: The Role of Food Supplementation in Early Childhood.” World Development 127:104697.

    Vikram, Kriti and Reeve Vanneman. 2019. “Maternal Education and the Multidimensionality of Child Health Outcomes in India.” Journal of Biosocial Science. Online first at:10.1017/S0021932019000245.

    Vikram, Kriti, Feinian Chen, and Sonalde Desai. 2018. "Mothers’ Work Patterns and Children’s Cognitive Achievement: Evidence from the India Human Development Survey". Social Science Research, 72: 207-224.

    Vikram, Kriti. 2018. "Social capital and child nutrition in India: The moderating role of development." Health & Place, 50: 42–51. ​

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    Vikram, Kriti, Reeve Vanneman, and Sonalde Desai. 2012. “The Linkages between Maternal Education and Childhood Immunization in India.” Social Science & Medicine, 75(2): 331-339.


  • Vikram, Kriti. 2019. “The Perennial Dilemma: Motherhood, Employment and Impact on Children.” In J. Yeung, & L. L. Thang (Eds.), Family and Population in Asia. Singapore: National University of Singapore.

    Vikram, Kriti, and Abhijit Visaria. 2019. “Second Demographic Transition.” In D. Gu, & M.E. Dupre (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging.  Springer International.

    Nadkarni, Vimla and Kriti Vikram. 2009. “The Right to Health: Illusion or Possibility?” in Bywaters, Paul, Eileen McLeod and Lindsey Napier (Eds.). Social Work and Global Health Inequalities: Policy and Practice Developments. University of Bristol: The Policy Press.

Professional Service:

Organizing Committee Member, International Sociological Association Joint Conference for RC06 (Family) & RC41 (Population), Singapore, May 17-19, 2018.

Elected Student Council Member on the Section on Families, American Sociological Association, 2011-2013.

Robert W. Janes Commemorative Award for Excellence in Sociology, University of Maryland. 2014.

Harriet Presser Fellowship, Department of Sociology, University of Maryland. Spring 2014.

Award from the Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Maryland. 2012.

Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship, University of Maryland. 2012.

Population Trainee Award, Maryland Population Research Center. 2010-11.

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