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Brief Introduction

I hold a joint-appointment with the Departments of Sociology and Malay Studies. I obtained my Ph.D. (summa cum laude) from the University of Bielefeld in Germany after completing both my masters and undergraduate degrees from the Department of Sociology here in NUS. My core research interests are religion and society, particularly in relation to spirit possession and everyday religiosity; deviance and social control; and sensory studies. Outside of NUS, I have been elected as Secretary-Treasurer of TG07 Senses and Society, International Sociological Association (ISA) since 2012.

Teaching Areas

Department of Sociology

  • Ghosts and Society in Society and Culture
  • Singapore: Imagining the Next 50 Years
  • Introduction to Sociology/Making Sense of Society
  • Singapore Society

Department of Malay Studies

  • Ethnicity and Nation-Building: Singapore and Malaysia
  • Malay Culture and Society
  • Graduate Research Seminar

Graduate Supervision

In Progress

  • Joel Skadiang (2018 to present): Subcultural Capital and Transgression in the Extreme Metal Subgenre
  • Yang Yi-Ju Doris (2019 to present): Gender and the Javanese-ness of Pesantren - The Case of Yogyakarta

Research Interests

Religion and Society
Sensory Studies
Deviance and Social Control
Everyday Life



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  • (Invited, 2017). ‘Harmony as Repressive? Sensory Transgression, Religion and the Everyday’, Keynote Talk, University of Liverpool Singapore Criminology Student Conference, 1 June 2017.
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  • (Invited, 2015). ‘Thinking About the Past: Critical Reflections’. Sis(wa)ra: Di Manakah Mulanya Sejarah Melayu (Where Did Singapore’s History Begin?), CITA: Sejarah dan Warga, Singapore, 4 April 2015.


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Other Information

Professional Service

  • Elected Secretary/Treasurer, Thematic Group TG07, International Sociological Association (ISA), 2012-Present
  • Advisory Committee, Research and Engagement Department, Singapore Muslim Women’s Association (PPIS), August 2017-Present
  • Occasional Reviewer: Current Sociology; Routledge; Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies; Asian Journal of Social Science; UP Asian Studies

Professional Affiliation

  • Member, International Sociological Association
  • Member, Global Studies Association
  • Member, Hong Kong Sociological Association

Workshop Organisation

  • Co-organiser, 'Shaping Migrant and Mobile Worlds: Connectivities, Comparisons, Collaborations.' workshop, NUS FASS Migration Cluster, Shaping Asia Network, and Department of Sociology, NUS, February 2019.
  • Conference Organiser, Re-thinking and Re-searching the Social Sciences: Interdisciplinary Writings and Inquiries in a Globalising Era. National University of Singapore, 2005.

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