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Brief Introduction

I am an associate professor at the Department of Psychology, the National University of Singapore.  I joined the department in 2008, shortly after receiving my Ph.D. in personality psychology from the University of Western Ontario.  At Western, I worked with the late Professor Sampo Paunonen, a great mentor who had helped me navigate the fascinating world of personality research.  Broadly speaking, my research interests include personality and its assessment (e.g., the Big Five), psychopathology (e.g., mood, anxiety, and disinhibitory disorders), and the interface between these two areas.  I currently serve as associate editor for the British Journal of Psychology and Personality Science, and as editorial board member for Personality and Individual Differences.


NB.  I will not be accepting research graduate students for Academic Year 2023-24.

Teaching Areas

PL3241 - Personality and Individual Differences
PL3287A - Lab in Personality and Psychopathology
PL4201 - Psychometrics and Psychological Testing
PL6770 - Graduate Research Seminar
PLC5008 - Clinical Graduate Research Methods

Current Research

I am particularly interested in delineating personality vulnerabilities to psychopathology using dispositional-trait and social-cognitive perspectives of personality.  One domain of research I am currently working on is to explore linkages between broad dispositional traits (e.g., Neuroticism and Conscientiousness) and specific social-cognitive vulnerabilities to common psychopathology (e.g., depressogenic inferential style, ruminative style, anxiety sensitivity, poor self control/regulation).  It is hoped that through this research, current understanding regarding the etiology and development of psychopathology may be enhanced.



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Associate Editor
British Journal of Psychology
Personality Science

Member of Editorial Board
Personality and Individual Differences

Ad Hoc Reviewer
Asian Journal of Social Psychology
Behaviour Research and Therapy
Clinical Psychology Review
Cognitive Therapy and Research
Depression and Anxiety
European Journal of Personality
Journal of Abnormal Psychology
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