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Brief Introduction

I am a freshwater ecohydrologist whose research crosses several fields including aquatic ecology, hydrology, hydrochemistry and geomorphology. However, my focus is even more broad, as I am concerned with applied science, management, and policy development.

My work therefore complements that of others who examine environmental change through the lenses of conservation, restoration and sustainability. In recent work, I have employed mixed methods in an effort to understand aquatic eco-hydrological responses to environmental change during the Anthropocene. I am actively seeking opportunities for developing new collaborations on projects addressing ecosystem responses to natural and anthropogenic stressors.

Teaching Areas

ENV2101 - Global Environmental Change (module coordinator)

ENV3101 - Environmental Challenges: Asian Case Studies I (module coordinator)

ENV3102 - Environmental Challenges: Asian Case Studies II (co-lecturer)

ENV3202 - Environmental Studies Internship Programme (co-lecturer)



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