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Brief Introduction

Educational history: B.A. (NUS), M.A. (NUS), Ph.D (NUS).


2014-                   Undergraduate Chair, Theatre Studies Programme

2010 –2013         Theatre Studies Co-ordinator

2003 – 2012        Student Exchange Co-ordinator, Theatre Studies Programme

2003 – 2012        Undergraduate Co-ordinator, Theatre Studies Programme

Teaching Areas

Some of the modules I am currently teaching or have taught include the following:

Undergraduate Modules

Theatre Studies

TS2243/GEK2026 Film Genres: Stars and Styles

TS2238/SSA2218: Singapore Film: Performance of Identity

TS3243: Stage and Screen

TS3245: Professional Theatre Internship

TS3238: Acting for the Screen

TS2236: Crossing Boundaries: Race, Language, Gender

TS2233: Praxis in Theatre and Performance Theory

TS3201/SS3201: Singapore English-Language Theatre


English Literature

EN4245: Narrative, Narration Auteur

SSA1206: Representing Singapore

EN3263/SSA2201: Singapore Literature in Context

GEM3000M: Popularising the Classics

EN2205/EN3231: Film and Drama I

EN1101E: Foundations of Literary Studies

EN2213/GEK2020K: Introduction to Film Art

EN3233/AS3233: American Film: Art and Industry


Graduate Modules

Theatre Studies

TS5212: Asian International Cinema

TS5101:Text and Performance


I have also supervised the following undergraduate Independent Study Modules and Honours Theses:

University Scholars Programme Independent Study Module Supervision

2012/13         The Singapore Dream in Singapore Film

2009/10         The Flesh and the Fantasy: Hollywood Representations of Striptease Dancing

2007/8           Rent on Stage and Screen: A Case Study of Performance Across Genres

2006/7           Miyazaki’s Performance of Innocence

2005/6           Singapore Film and Identity

2005/6           Beyond the Looking Glass:The Heartland in 12 Storeys and Money No Enough

2004/5           Disney’s Heroes: A Postmodern Deconstruction of Hercules and Mulan

2003/4           Bollywood Theatre: Origins and Diaspora


Honours Thesis and Independent Study Module Supervision

2013/14           The Rise of Found Footage in Hollywood Horror: A Study on What is Actually  Found

                        Imagining the Heartlander in Singapore Films

2011/12           Cinematic Sentimentality in Asian Extreme Cinema: A Case Study of Two Films

2010/11           From MTV to the Big Screen: The Bond Music Videos

2009/10           From Tights to Guns: The Performance of Authenticity in Shakespeare Films


Masala on a New Platter: 'Om Shanti Om's' Popularity in New Bollywood


Cultural adaptation in animation: the performance of cultural identity in Disney animation


Problematizing gendered sexuality: the performance and performativity of gender and sexuality in the L word


Re-performing the Messiah in contemporary film: the Everyman who saves the world


The New Musical and Postmodernism


Rousing the Rainbow Flag: Approaches to Queer Theatre in Singapore and Their Implications


Strictly Shakespeare?: Authorship in William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet and 10 Things I Hate About Youu

Graduate Supervision

Graduate Independent Study Supervision

2012/13      Ontology and Representation in the films of Kon Satoshi

                   Roles and Representations of the Ghosts in The Eye and In Love with the Dead

2011/12      Missing Children and Cultural Anxiety in Contemporary South Korean Film

2011/12      Inclination for Mimetic Opera, or Non-mimetic Cinema: Over 100 Years of Obsession on Chinese Opera Film

2010/11     Style and Stardom: The Iconicity of Jay Chou

2010/11     Locating Transnational Cinema and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Chinese Cinemas: A Comparative and Complementary Study

2007/8      The Supernatural and Singapore Film: Problematizing the imagination of Singapore in Forever Fever, The Maid and 881.

2007/8     Transitional Cinema: Looking Beyond Existing Borders.


Graduate Thesis Supervision

Chew Yi Wei Sharleen, Chinese Diasporas and Cinema (Ph.D)

Edson Ng Li Chun, Rural Spaces in China's Alternative Cinema (Ph.D)

Current Research

I am currently completing my book on Singapore cinema titled Celluloid Singapore: Cinema, Performance and the National for Edinburgh University Press.

Research Interests

Contemporary Hollywood and Asian cinema, issues in adaptation and popular culture, and Singapore film and television.



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    "Counter-performance: The Heartland and other Spaces in Eating Air and 15". Performing Space in Asian Films (Invited paper) (22Feb - 23Oct 2010, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Bukit Timah Campus, Singapore).

    "(An)other Singapore: Singapore cinema and/as national cinema". Transnational Cinema in Globalising Societies (29 - 31 Aug 2008, Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, Mexico).

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    "Displacing Titanic". Nights to Remember: Memory, Modernity and the Myth of the Titanic (20 - 23 Jul 2000, University of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom).

    “City is Text: Constructing the Urban in Sesame Street and Teletubbies”". Co-authored with Felicia Chan. City as Text: NA ( 8 - 10 Sep 1999, National University of Singapore, Singapore).

    "Industry and Identity: Filming the British Action Hero". Co-authored with Valerie Wee. Constructing British Identities: Texts, Sub-texts and Contexts (11- 13Sep 1997, National University of Singapore, Singapore).


  • Edna Lim, "Celluloid Singapore: Connecting the Golden Age and the Revival," Cinematically Conscious: Conceptualizing Singapore Film and Cinema, eds. Stephen Teo and Liew Khai Khiun (Routledge, forthcoming).


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  • Asian Cinema and the Use of Space, eds., Lilian Chee and Edna Lim (New York: Routledge, 2015).


  • 2010: “Reframing Post-war Space: Singapore and Malaya in Hollywood movies, 1945-1979,” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: Movement journal


    2009: "Historicizing Singapore Cinema", Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: Movement journal


  • Edna Lim, “From Small to Big Screen,” The Arts, September/October 2002, Issue 10, 11-13.

    Edna Lim, “A Conversation with Dr K I Sudderuddin,” The Arts, September/October 2002, Issue 10, 20.

Other Information

Conference organisation:

Co-organiser and co-chair of Performing Space in Asian Film: Interdisciplnary Perspectives, 4-5 February 2010, Asia Research Institute, Singapore.


Other professsional appointments / membership:

Selection Panel Member, 2012 Cultural Medallion and Young Artist Award Assessment Panel for Film, 2012

Member, Film Consutative Panel, Media Authority of Singapore, 2009-2011     

Mentor, Asian Film Archive’s Moving Minds Lab: Young Critics Programme, 2008

Member of Selection Panel for National Book Development Council of Singapore’s Screen-to-Script publications, 2007


Producer, TS2233 Play Productions:

2006/7   Are You Afraid of the Dark?, National University of Singapore.

2005/6   Texture, National University of Singapore.

2004/5   Partylines, Blackbox at Fort Canning, Singapore.

2003/4   Uncut/Angkat, The Attic, Singapore.

2002/3   Channel Zero, National University of Singapore.

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