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Brief Introduction

Citizenship:      New Zealand
Degrees:          PhD Stanford University 1996; BSc (Hons) University of Canterbury 1991

Lim Chong Yah Professor, Department of Economics (July 1, 2015 - present)

Co-Editor of International Journal of Industrial Organization

Singapore Competition Appeal Board member (Sept 1, 2019 - )

Energy Market Authority Board member (April 1, 2022- )

Energy Market Authority Licensing, Tariffs & Competition Committee member (May 17, 2021- )

Head of Department (July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2019)

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wrighteconomics/

Website: https://www.WrightEconomics.com/

Current Research

Please go to https://www.wrighteconomics.com/publications to see my publications 

and https://www.wrighteconomics.com/work-in-progress to see my latest work in progress

Research Interests

Multi-Sided Platforms

Industrial Organisation

Network Economics

Competition Policy




  • "Competitive bottlenecks and platform spillovers" (with Tat-How Teh)
  • "Regulating platform fees" (with Chengsi Wang)
  • "Documenting and Explaining the Dramatic Rise of the New Society Journals in Economics" (with John Ham and Ziqiu Ye)
  • "Recommender systems and the value of user data" (with Gunhaeng Lee) 


  • "Optimal discoverability on platforms," Management Science, forthcoming (with Andrei Hagiu)
  • "Marketplace leakage" Management Science, forthcoming (with Andrei Hagiu)
  • "Multihoming and oligopolistic platform competition" American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, forthcoming (with Tat-How Teh, Chunchun Liu and Junjie Zhou) 
  • "Data-enabled learning, network effects and competitive advantage" RAND Journal of Economics, forthcoming (with Andrei Hagiu)
  • "Platform investment and price parity clauses" Journal of Industrial Economics, forthcoming (with Chengsi Wang)
  • "Should platforms be allowed to sell on their own marketplaces?" RAND Journal of Economics, 53(2), Summer 2022, 297-327 (with Andrei Hagiu and Tat-How Teh)
  • "Intermediation and steering: Competition in prices and commissions" American Economic Journal - Microeconomics, May 2022, 14(2), 281-321 (with Tat-How Teh)
  • "Pricing distortions in multi-sided platforms" International Journal of Industrial Organization, December 2021 (102732) (with Hongru Tan)
  • "Search platforms: Showrooming and price parity clauses" RAND Journal of Economics, 51(1), Spring 2020, 32–58 (with Chengsi Wang)
  • "Creating platforms by hosting rivals" Management Science, 2020, Vol 66(7): 3234–3248 (with Andrei Hagiu and Bruno Jullien)
  • "Platforms and the exploration of new products" Management Science, 2020, Vol 66(4): 1527–1543 (with Andrei Hagiu)
  • "Why (don’t) firms free ride on an intermediary’s advice?" International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2019, Vol 64: 27-54 (with Bo Shen)
  • "Controlling versus enabling" Management Science, 2019, Vol. 65(2): 577-595 (with Andrei Hagiu)
  • "The status of workers and platforms in the sharing economy" Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 2019, Vol. 28(1): 97-108 (with Andrei Hagiu) in Special Issue on Platforms
  • "A price theory of multi-sided platforms: Comment" American Economic Review, 2018, Vol. 108(9): 2761-62 (with Hongru Tan)
  • "Should platforms be allowed to charge ad valorem fees?" Journal of Industrial Economics, 2018, Vol 66(3): 739-760 (with Zhu Wang)
  • "Ad-valorem platform fees, indirect taxes and efficient price discrimination" RAND Journal of Economics, 2017, Vol. 48: 467–484 (with Zhu Wang)
  • "Payment card interchange fees and price discrimination" Journal of Industrial Economics, 2017, Vol. 65: 39-72 (with Rong Ding) 
  • "Price coherence and excessive intermediation" Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2015, Vol. 130: 1283-1328 (with Benjamin Edelman)
  • "Multi-sided platforms" International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2015, Vol. 43: 162-174 (with Andrei Hagiu)
  • "Marketplace or reseller?" Management Science, 2015, Vol. 61: 184–203 (with Andrei Hagiu)
  • "Price Restrictions in Multi-sided Platforms: Practices and Responses." Competition Policy International, 2014, Vol. 10, Iss. 2 (with Benjamin Edelman)
  • "The economics of payment cards" Review of Network Economics, 2014, Vol. 13: 303-353 (with Marc Rysman)
  • "Do you really want to be an eBay?" Harvard Business Review, March 2013 (with Andrei Hagiu)
  • "Why payment card fees are biased against retailers" RAND Journal of Economics, 2012, Vol. 43: 761-780. 
  • "Credit card interchange fees" Journal of Banking and Finance, 2010, Vol. 34: 1788-1797 (with Jean-Charles Rochet)
  • "Why do merchants accept payment cards?" Review of Network Economics: Vol. 9, Iss. 3, Article 1.
  • "Mobile call termination" Economic Journal, 2009, Vol. 119: 270-307 (with Mark Armstrong)
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  • "Interchange Fees in Various Countries: Developments and Determinants" Review of Network Economics, 2005, Vol. 4: 290 - 323 (with Stuart Weiner)
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  • "Real-time pricing and imperfect competition in electricity markets" Journal of Industrial Economics, 2020, 68(1), 93-135 (with Stephen Poletti)
  • "The optimality of ad valorem contracts" Management Science, 2019, Vol 65(11), 5219-5233 (with Andrei Hagiu)
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  • "Tacit collusion with price-matching punishments" International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2010, Vol. 28: 298-306 (with Yuanzhu Lu)


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  • Online Appendix: Multihoming and oligopolistic competition (with Tat-How Teh, Chunchun Liu and Junjie Zhou)
  • "Online Appendix: Data-enabled learning, network effects and competitive advantage" (with Andrei Hagiu)
  • "Online Appendix: Should platforms be allowed to sell on their own marketplaces?" (with Andrei Hagiu and Tat-How Teh)
  • "Online Appendix: Controlling versus enabling" (with Andrei Hagiu)
  • "Online Appendix: Should platforms be allowed to charge ad valorem fees?" (with Zhu Wang)
  • "Online Appendix: Why (don’t) firms free ride on an intermediary’s advice?" (with Bo Shen)
  • "Online Appendix: Signaling private choices" (with Younghwan In)
  • "Online Appendix: Ad-valorem platform fees, indirect taxes and efficient price discrimination" (with Zhu Wang)
  • "Supplementary Appendix. Punishment strategies in repeated games: Evidence from experimental markets"
  • Supplementary Appendix to "Exclusive Dealing with Network Effects" (with Toker Doganoglu)
  • "Supplementary Appendix for Tacit Collusion with Price-Matching Punishments" (with Yuanzhu Lu)
  • "Technical Appendix to: Exclusive Dealing with Imperfect Downstream Competition," mimeo, National University of Singapore (with Jose Miguel Abito)
  • Naked Exclusion and the Anticompetitive Accommodation of Entry: Two Examples
  • Supplementary material: "Appendix for Multihoming and Compatibility"
  • "The Determinants of Optimal Interchange Fees in Payment Systems," Supplementary Appendix.
  • Supplementary material: "Competing Payment Schemes," NUS Working Paper No. 0311 (with Graeme Guthrie)
  • Supplementary material: "Competing Payment Schemes," Working Paper No. 245. Department of Economics. University of Auckland (with Graeme Guthrie)
  • "Interconnection in Network Industries," Supplementary Appendix.



  • "The Bilateral Negotiation of Interchange Fees in Payment Schemes" (with John Small)
  • "Competition and Termination in Cellular Networks" Working Paper. Downloadable from http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=201988
  • The Optimal Public Debt Portfolios For Nine OECD Countries: A Tax Smoothing Approach (with Christian Hawkesby)

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