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National University of Singapore
4 Architecture Drive, Singapore 117566

  Office: SDE1-03-05C
  Tel: (65)66013108
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Dr. Li Qiang is an assistant professor at the Department of Real Estate. Dr. Li's research fields include urban economics, real estate economics and finance, and labor economics. His current research interests are migration and urban labor and housing market outcomes, housing price dynamics and measurement, and city size distribution.

Prior to joining NUS in 2013, he was an Assistant Professor with the School of Public Economics and Administration, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in Shanghai.

  • Migration/immigration and urban labour market
  • Ethnic diversity and urban housing market
  • Housing price dynamics: theory and measurement
  • City size distribution

  • PhD Real Estate and Urban Economics, University of British Columbia, 2009
  • MEcon International Economics, Tongji University, 2003
  • BEng Construction Management, Tongji University, 2000


Refereed Publications:

  1. Liow, Kim Hiang, Xiaoxia Zhou, Qiang Li, and Yuting Huang, "Co-movement between the US and the securitised real estate markets of the Asian-Pacific economies", Journal of Property Research (accepted).

  2. Liow, Kim Hiang, Xiaoxia Zhou, Qiang Li, and Yuting Huang, "Co-movement of Greater China real estate markets: some time-scale evidence", Journal of Real Estate Research (accepted).

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  8. Li, Qiang, Hua Sun, and Seow Eng Ong, “REIT Splits and Dividend Changes: Tests of Signaling and Information Substitutability,” Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (September 2006), pp. 127-150.


Other Publications:

  1. Feng, Suwei, Qiang Li, and Dan Xu, "The Private Car License Plate Auction in Shanghai: Macro-Effectiveness and Micro-Mechanisms", CICTP (August 2012), pp. 118-129.
  2. Feng, Suwei and Qiang Li, “Car Ownership Control in Chinese Mega Cities: Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou”, Journeys (September 2013), pp. 48-58.
  3. Shi, Wei, Qiang Li, and Hongwei Wang, "An Extension in the Construction of Urban Housing Price Indexes and Its Application", The Journal of Quantitative and Technical Economics (December 2014), (In Chinese).


Working Papers:

  1. Huang, Yuting, Qiang Li, Kim Hiang Liow, and Xiaoxia Zhou, "Is Housing the Business Cycle? A Multi-resolution Analysis for OECD Countries", Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Housing Economics (October 2018).
  2. Li, Qiang, Linlin Wang, "Is the Chinese Skyscraper Boom Excessive?", Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Urban Affairs (August 2018).
  3. Li, Qiang, "Does Multiculturalism Work? Language, Friendship Homophily, and Well-being of Immigrants in Canada", Revise and Resubmit at Review of Economics of the Household (November 2018).
  4. Li, Qiang and Hua Sun, "Informed Speculation about Trading Flows: Price Variability, Trading Volume, and Market Liquidity", Under Revision for initial submission (October 2018).
  5. Diao, Mi, Yuming Fu, and Qiang Li, "The Size Distribution of ALL Chinese Cities: 2000 - 2010", Preliminary Draft (June 2017).
  6. Huang, Yuting, Qiang Li, Kim Hiang Liow, and Xiaoxia Zhou, "Measurement and Causes of Housing Bubble in a Small Open Economy: The Case of Singapore", Preliminary Draft (June 2017).


Works in Progress:

  1. Li, Qiang and Huifu Nong, "Intra-city Housing Market Connectedness: Evidence from Guangzhou and Shanghai", Preliminary Draft (October 2018).
  2. Li, Ling, Qiang Li, and Kwong Wing Chau, " Non-local Demand and Hong Kong House Prices", Preliminary Draft (October 2018).
  3. Li, Qiang, Yujie Lu, Yiming Liu, and Ying Guo, “Skyscrapers in China: Rational or Irrational Exuberance?”, Preliminary Draft (January 2018).


RE2102 Real Estate Economics

DEP5104 Urban and Regional Economics

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