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DR Fu Yuming
National University of Singapore
4 Architecture Drive, Singapore 117566

  Tel: 65-65163547
  Fax: 65-67748684
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Professor Fu specializes in urban economics, real estate market analysis, and urban policy studies. His research has been published in leading international academic journals such as American Economic Review, Management Science, Journal of Urban Economics, Journal of Regional Science, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Real Estate Economics, and Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics.

He has served in several senior positions at NUS, including deputy head of research at Department of Real Estate, interim director of NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies, and vice dean of research at School of Design and Environment.

He is a Fellow of Weimer School of Advanced Studies in Real Estate and Land Economics (USA) and served on the board of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA). He is an editorial board member of AREUEA's journal, Real Estate Economics.

  • Urban economics and quantitative spatial analysis
  • Economic development and labor mobility
  • Household housing choices
  • Real estate investment and market analysis

  • PhD, University of British Columbia


Sun, Weizeng; Fu, Yuming; Zheng, Siqi “Local Public Service Provision and Spatial Inequality in Chinese Cities: the Role of Residential Income Sorting and Land-Use Conditions.” Journal of Regional Science 57(4): 547-567

Fu, Yuming; Qian, Wenlan; Yeung, Bernard (2015) “Speculative Investors and Transactions Tax: Evidence from the Housing Market.” Management Science 62(11): 3254–3270 (

Fu, Yuming; Wenlan Qiang (2014) “Speculators and Price Overreaction in the Housing Market.” Real Estate Economics 42 (4): 977-1007

Fu, Yuming; Qian, Wenlan; Yeung, Bernard (2013)  “Speculative Investors and Tobin's Tax in the Housing Market” NBER Working Paper No. 19400  (First Prize Best Ppaer Award at GCREC 2012 Annual Conference) 

Fu, Yuming; Gabriel, Stuart (2012) “Labor Migration, Human Capital Agglomeration and Regional Development In China.” Regional Science and Urban Economics 42: 473-484

Zheng, Siqi; Fu, Yuming; Liu, Hongyu (2009) “Demand for Urban Quality of Living in China: Evolution in Compensating Land-Rent and Wage-Rate Differentials.” Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 38(3).

Fu, Yuming; Jennen, Maarten (2009) “Office Construction in Singapore and Hong Kong: Testing Real Option Implications.” Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 38(1), 39-58.

Zheng, Siqi; Fu, Yuming; Liu, Hongyu (2006) “Housing-choice hindrances and urban spatial structure: Evidence from matched location and location-preference data in Chinese cities.” Journal of Urban Economics 60, 535–557.

Ching, Stephen; Fu, Yuming (2003) “Contestability of Urban Land Market: An Event Study of Government Land Auctions in Hong Kong.” Regional Science and Urban Economics 33(6), 695-720.

Fu, Yuming (2003) “Estimating the Lagging Error in Real Estate Price Indices.” Real Estate Economics 31(1), 75-98.

Fu, Yuming; Ng, Lilian (2001) “Market Efficiency and Return Statistics: Evidence from Real Estate and Stock Markets Using a Present-Value Approach.” Real Estate Economics 29(2), 37-61.

Fu, Yuming; Somerville, Tsur (2001) “Site Density Restrictions: Measurement and Empirical Analysis” Journal of Urban Economics 49, 404-423.

Fu, Yuming; Tse, David K; Zhou, Nan (2000) “Housing Choice Behavior of Urban Workers in China’s Transition to Housing Market.” Journal of Urban Economics 47, 61-87.

Fu, Yuming; Somerville, Tsur; Huang, Tongcheng; Gu, Mengdi (1999) "Land Use Rights, Government Land Supply, and the Pattern of Redevelopment in Shanghai" International Real Estate Review 2(1), 49-78.

Fu, Yuming (1995) "Uncertainty, Liquidity, and Housing Choices." Regional Science and Urban Economics 25, 223-236.

Fu, Yuming (1991) "A Model of Housing Tenure Choice: Comment." American Economic Review 81(1) 381-383. [Reprinted in The Economics of Housing, John Quigley, editor. The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, Edward Elgar 1997.]

Book chapters

Fu, Yuming; Zheng, Siqi; Ren, Rongrong (2011) “Housing Demand of Migrants in Chinese Cities” in Joyce Man (ed.) China’s Housing Reform and Outcomes, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

Bertaud, Alain; Brueckner, Jan K.; Fu, Yuming (2009) “Managing Urban Development in Chinese Cities.” in Yan Song and Chengri Ding (eds.) Smart Urban Growth for China, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 77-107.

Fu, Yuming (2000) “Hong Kong: Overcoming Financial Risks of Growing Real Estate Credit.” in Koichi Mera and Bertrand Renaud (eds.)Asia’s Financial Crisis and the Role of Real Estate, M. E. Sharpe.

Fu, Yuming (1995) “Housing Markets and Housing Policies.”  In Y.L. Cheung and M.H. Sze (eds.) The Other Hong Kong Report 1995, The Chinese University Press, 261-286.

  • RE5004 Real Estate Economics
  • RE6005 PhD Seminar in Urban Economics


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