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Brief Introduction Top

Maribeth Erb joined the Department of Sociology in 1989. She had taught for a year in the Department of Anthropology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook after finishing her Ph.D. there, before coming to Singapore. Her research for her Ph.D. was on Kinship and Ritual among the people of Manggarai in Western Flores, Eastern Indonesia. She has continued to pursue research in Western Flores over the years. When the villagers of one old village in Manggarai decided to rebuilt their traditional house for tourism purposes, she was asked to help in researching out the history and symbolism of this house. Since then she has been interested in the influence that growing tourism has had on Manggaraian culture.
She is married and has two daughters.

Teaching Areas Top

  • Introduction to Anthropology (SC1102)
  • Culture and Society (SC2206)
  • Urban Anthropology (SC4206)

Current Research Top

History of the development of tourism in western Flores, the impact of this development on the local people, how they have come to understand tourists, and how they adapt and recreate their culture for the purposes of tourism.

Research Interests Top

  • Sociology of Tourism
  • History and Ethnography of Manggarai, Western Flores
  • Kinship, Marriage and the Person
  • Ritual and Social Change

Publications Top


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Other Information Top

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