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Brief Introduction Top

I was a Research Fellow in the Department of Political and Social Change, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, at the Australian National University before joining the NUS faculty in July 2007. A native of Japan, I became interested in Southeast Asia, especially the history of Singapore and Malaysia, by a totally strange twist of fate. Soon thereafter, by just another quirk of fate, my research interest shifted to rural Thailand, a subject on which I now specialize. Although formally trained as a political scientist, I have eclectic, interdisciplinary interests that cut across anthropology, history, literary studies, and psychology. Besides traveling, eating sushi, and being in the Thai (and Japanese) countryside, I passionately enjoy watching Premier League football games, esp. watching Man U and Chelsea lose to Arsenal (which unfortunately does not happen often ...). I admire Lionel Messi more than any other football player. He is a pure delight to watch.

Teaching Areas Top

politics and society of Southeast Asia; comparative politics; state-society relations

Research Interests Top

(local) politics in Southeast Asia; state-society relations; social movements; collective identity formation; spectacles of power; geographies of power; state formation at local level; domination and resistance; ideology; discourse formation; politics of memory

Publications Top

  • Book:

       Political Authority and Provincial Identity in Thailand: The Making of Banharn-buri (Ithaca: Cornell University Southeast Asia Studies Program, 2011).



    ●  “Peasants and the Redshirt Movement in Thailand: Some Dissenting Voices,” Journal of Peasant Studies, vol.41, no.1 (2014), pp.1-28.

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       “Constructing Moral Authority in Rural Thailand: Banharn Silpa-archa’s Non-violent War on Drugs,” Asian Studies Review, vol.31, no.3 (2007), pp.343-364.

       “The Gargantuan Project and Modernity in Provincial Thailand,” Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, vol.8, no.3 (2007), pp.217-233.

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    Book Review:

    ●  Marc Askew, Performing Political Identity: The Democrat Party in Southern Thailand (Chiang Mai: Silkworm Books, 2008), in Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, vol. 40, no.3 (2009), pp. 651-653.

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    ●  Andrew Walker, Thailand’s Political Peasants: Power in the Modern Rural Economy (Madison, University of Wisconsin Press, 2012), forthcoming in Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (2014).



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  • Other Information Top


    ●  NUS FASS Excellent Teaching Award, 2008

    ●  NUS FASS Excellent Teaching Award, 2010

    ●  NUS FASS Excellent Teaching Award, 2011

     NUS FASS Student Choice Award, 2011

    ●  NUS University-level Annual Teaching Excellence Award, 2011

    ●  NUS FASS Excellent Teaching Award, 2012

    ●  NUS University-level Annual Teaching Excellence Award, 2012


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