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Robert D. Woodberry
National University of Singapore
10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119260

Office: AS1-04-47
Email: polwrd@nus.edu.sg
Tel: 66012829
Homepage: http://www.prec.com
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Brief Introduction Top

Robert D. Woodberry is director of the Project on Religion and Economic Change (PREC) and an associate professor of political science at NUS. His research analyzes the long-term roots of education, mass printing, economic development and democracy in former colonies. Other interests include religious influences on political institutions and the economy and the international diffusion of social movements and printing. As part of PREC, he built a global, geo-spatial database of virtually all Protestant and Catholic missionary activity, education, and medical work from the mid-19th to md-20th centuries. The database also included detailed measures of colonial history, climate, terrain and geography.

Teaching Areas Top

Statistics, Methods, Religion and Politics,

Current Research Top

The global spread of printing, newspapers, mass education and civil society; democratization and economic development in former colonies; roots of ethnic and religious conflict; the social impact of missions, historical roots of the rule of law.

Research Interests Top

Religion and politics, comparative colonialism, democratization, historical roots of contemporary economic and political conditions.

Publications Top


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