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Brief Introduction Top

I am currently Vice-Dean (Graduate Studies) of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Associate Professor of the Department of Geography at NUS.  I am also currently on the editorial boards of the Women's Studies International Forum (as Regional Editor, Asia),  International Journal of Population Research and the Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography.  I am also the Southeast Asian representative on the Geography and Gender Commission of the International Geographical Union. 

I received my B.A. (Hons., First Class) and M.A. in Geography from the National University of Singapore, and my Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Toronto.  My research and teaching interests are broadly in urban and gender geography, and in transnational migration.  I have done consultation work for various ministries in Singapore, including the Ministry of Education, the Singapore Tourism Boardthe Ministry of Manpowerthe Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports and the National Heritage BoardI am currently a member of the Urban Redevelopment Authority's Conservation Advisory Panel.   

Teaching Areas Top

The module I am currently teaching is:
GE3206 Gender, Space and Place

Current Research Top

My most recent research projects include:

Transnational Domestic Workers in Singapore

Transnational Care Workers, State Policies and Gender Dynamics in Ageing Societies: A Comparative Study of Singapore and Japan

Transnational Labour Migration and the Family in Southeast Asia

The PRC Pei Du Ma Ma Phenomenon

The Singapore River Development Zone as a Globalising Landscape

Religion, Social Capital and the Internet: A Comparative Study of Singapore and Los Angeles

Research Interests Top

Geography of gender (especially of issues related to work and family)
Urban redevelopment and heritage conservation
Labour migration with particular reference to the Asia-Pacific region
Migration and education
Regionalisation and its social impacts


Publications Top


  • Since 2005


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  • Since 2005

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  • Since 2005


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