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Brief Introduction Top

T.C. Chang is a tourism geographer by training, and has research interests in urban, social-cultural and tourism geographies.  Presently, he is undertaking research in a number of areas: urban waterfront, vernacular architecture and heritage, boutique hotels, and Asian tourism in general. He received his Ph.D. from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) in 1997 and became an Associate Professor at NUS in 2003.  Most recently during his sabbatical in 2003/04, he was a visiting scholar at East-West Center (University of Hawaii, USA; August-December 2003) and a visiting fellow at the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute (Auckland University of Technology; February-April 2004). A/P Chang was Deputy Head of the Department of Geography between Jan 2006-December 2007. He is presently Assistant Dean at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Alumni and External Relations; July 2008-June 2010).

Teaching Areas Top

  • GE1101E/GEK1001 Place, Environment and Society [January 1997 -- present]
  • GE2218 Leisure, Recreation and Tourism [July 1997 -- present]
  • GE3230 Field Studies in Southeast Asia (Tourism) [May 2005 onwards]
  • GE4218 Interpreting Tourism Cultures and Landscapes [August 2004]

Current Research Top

Research Projects (Funded):

  • Singapore's Connections with Asia and the World (2010-2012; with Michelle Lazar, English Language and Literature, NUS
  • Experiential Economies of Singapore (2010-2011; with Choi Kyung-Eun, Seoul National University)
  • Boutique Hotels in Malaysia and Singapore: Heritage Conservation and Urban Identity (2006-2009; with Peggy Teo, Geography, NUS)
  • Place, Memory and Identity in "New Asia" (2004-2005; with Diana Sinn, Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong)  
  • The Singapore River as a Globalising Landscape (2000-2003; with Shirlena Huang & Victor Savage, Geography, NUS)
  • Tourism Unlimited: Singapore as a Tourism Capital (1998-2000; with K. Raguraman of Geography, NUS and Linda Low of Business Policy, NUS).

Current Writing Projects (January 2010 onwards):

  • Reclaiming the Singapore waterfront (for Urban Studies)
  • Boutique hotels in Malaysia and Singapore as "experiential environments" (conference paper in Jan 2009 and Nov 2009; writing manuscript)
  • Architourism in Malaysia and Singapore (for Geoforum)
  • 'Singapore Studies' co-edited book project (Introduction & conceptualization of book chapters)
  • Place making, marketing and unmaking in tourism geography (book chapter)

Current Students' Research Projects (2009/10; Graduate Students in Italics):

  • Serene Foo (Masters in Geography) - time-spaces in a global city
  • Augustine Boey (Honours) - creative destruction and heritage in Singapore's Chinatown
  • Ho Si Hui (Honours) - Media induced tourism from Singapore to Taiwan
  • Poh Ying Xia (Honours) - cultural landscapes of Serangoon Gardens
  • Sarabjeet Singh (Honours) - spectacle and innovation in tourism through FI (Singapore)

Recently Graduated Students' Research Projects (Masters and Honours; Graduate Students in Italics):

  • David Tantow (PhD in Geography, graduated in July 2010) - heritage tourism in Singapore's Kampong Glam  JJ Zhang (Masters, 2009) - battlefield tourism in Kinmen, Taiwan
  • Sin Harng Luh (Masters, 2007) - volunteer tourism in Singapore/Asia
  • Serene Tan (Masters, 2005) - alternative art spaces in Singapore
  • K.Thirumaran (PhD in Southeast Asian Studies, 2007) - tourism and cultural performances in Bali and Singapore 
  • John Lim Kwan Shen (Honours) - war site tourism in Changi (Singapore)
  • Sean Bai Bingyi (Honours) - Urban conservation in Emerald Hill 
  • Sandra Yam Mei Hung (Honours ISM) - Joo Chiat as a Peranakan cultural landscapeJared Goh (Honours, 2009) - spatial representations of Singapore as a backpacker destination
  • Sunitha Jayaram (Honours, 2009) - cinematic tourism in Singapore
  • Matthew Wee (Honours, 2009) - Peranakan culture and landscapes in Singapore 
  • Jonathan Quek (Honours, 2008) - night lighting in global-city Singapore
  • Elaine Chong (Honours, 2008) - car ownership and leisure patterns of young Singaporeans
  • Aida Ahmad (Honours ISM, 2008) - tourist gaze and the Singaporean taxi drivers
  • Timothy Boay (Honours, 2007) - Boat Quay/Circular Road and the global waterfront
  • Lionel Long (Honours, 2007) - Overseas field experiences of Singapore students
  • Teo Zhiliang (Honours, 2007) - Chinese orchestra music and Singapore as an "arts city"
  • Alvin Sim (Honours, 2006) - Night spots and clubs in Singapore
  • Alvin Tan (Honours, 2006) - Sports and Singapore's national identity 
  • Kelvin Leong (Honours, 2006) - Urban redevelopment and the 'Uniquely Singapore' identity 

ISM (University Scholars Programme) Students:

  • Shawn Quek Choon Siong (2009) - Singapore's Chinatown: Reinventing Ethnic Identity and the Selective Inscription of the Cultural Landscape
  • Teo Min Xun (2009) - Singapore's Chinatown: Cultural Tourism and Conserving Authenticity
  • Wong Yi Fong (2009) - Singapore's Chinatown: Place Making, Policy Making - Opportunities and Challenges in Planning Chinatown  
  • Alexius Yeo Per Guan (2009) - Singapore's Merlion as a Tourism Icon 

Publications Top

  • INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS (Select Articles in International Journals Only)

    T.C. Chang and Shirlena Huang, (2009) ‘Geographies of everywhere and nowhere: place-(un)making in a wworld city', International Development Planning Review, 30(3), 227-247.

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  • Other Information Top

    Awards and Citations (Research)

    • 1999: Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies (FURS) 1st Prize for best essay on urban and regional themes by young authors. The international competition is organized by Foundazione Bignaschi (Milan, Italy) and is open to all young scholars (less than 35 years).  
    • 1998: Shortlisted finalist for Best PhD thesis for Warren Nystrom Dissertation Award 1998 (organised by Association of American Geographers in Boston, USA)
    • 1996: Best student essay awards for 'Cultural Geography', 'Urban Geography' and 'Recreation, Tourism and Leisure' specialty group competitions (awarded by Association of American Geographers in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)
    • 1995: Best student essay award for 'Recreation, Tourism and Leisure' specialty group competition (awarded by Association of American Geographers in Chicago, USA) 


    Awards and Citations (Teaching)

    • NUS Teaching Excellence Awards, FASS (1998, 1999, 2000)
    • NUS Excellent Teachers citations - Top 100 Teachers in NUS (2001/02, 2002/03)
    • Faculty (FASS) nomination for Outstanding Educator Award (2001, 2006)
    • Faculty (FASS) Excellent Teacher Award (2005)
    • NUS Outstanding Educator Award 2006 - see http://www.cdtl.nus.edu.sg/tawards/oea_winners.htm for more information on this award
    • FASS Teaching Excellence Award (2007/08)
    • NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award (2008)

    Administrative Leadership (Department of Geography only)


    ·         Chair, NUS Geographical Society (1998-present)

    ·         Chair, SPH Geography Challenge (1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 in-charge) 

    ·         Chair, Public Relations (2004 – present)

    ·         Co-chair, Teaching Strategies Subcommittee (2005 – present)

    ·         Deputy Head, Department (Jan 2006 – Dec 2007)


    Administrative Leadership (FASS & University Level)

    • Teacher Mentor, Raffles Institution Mentorship Scheme for Secondary 3 students (2001 & 2002) 
    • FASS Peer Reviewer in Teaching (2002-present)
    • Chair, Seminar Committee of the Geography Teachers Association of Singapore (2002/03, 2004 - present)
    • Convenor, NUS Centennial Global Education Convention 2005, organized by International Relations Office, NUS (18-20 July 2005) 
    • FASS Ambassador, Junior College Outreach (2005-present)
    • Member, FASS Faculty Teaching Excellence Committee (2006 - present)
    • Member, NUS-University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) Joint Degree Program Committee (2006 - present)
    • Member, NUS High School Accreditation Committee (2006 - present)
    • Member, University Town Committee (2007 - 2008)
    • Member, FASS Faculty Stones Project ie. sculptures for Alumni House (2007 - Feb 2009)
    • Assistant Dean, External Relations, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (July 2008 - present)
    • Member, FASS Financial Aid, Bursary and Scholarship (FABS) Committee (July 2008 - present)
    • Faculty Associate Director (FASS), Office of Alumni Relations (July 2008 - present)
    • Festival Outreach Committee, NUS Arts Festival 2009 (NUS Centre for the Arts) (2009)
    • Member, Common NUS Identity Task Group (Dec 2008 - present)
    • Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme 2009/10 (HSSRP) Organising Committee (2009)
    • Member, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme (HSSRP) Steering Committee (Jan 2010 - present)
    • Member, NUS Student Life Taskforce (Jan 2010 - present) 
    • Member, 'Tender Selection Panel (Precinct Master Plan 2') (Feb 2010), and Tender Assessment Panel for 'Student Life and Residential Life' (Feb 2010)
    • Mentor, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme 2010/11 (HSSRP) (Feb 2010-April 2011)
    • Member, Selection Committee for NUS Medal for Outstanding Achievement (2009/10 and 2010/11)

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