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Appointment: PROFESSOR
Office: AS2/06-13
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Brief Introduction Top

Citizenship: Singapore
Date of Birth: Jan 24 1950
Degrees: PhD Stanford University 1974; B.Soc.Sci.(Hon Cl I) University of Singapore 1970

Teaching Areas Top

Values in Economics
International Economics

Current Research Top

Dynamic Models of Trade and R&D
Structural Change and Endogenous Growth
Housing Price Dynamics 
The Singapore Economy; Growth and Well-Being

Research Interests Top


Growth Stages and Structural Change, Working Paper.pdf | Mathematical Appendix (not meant for publication).pdf |

Publications Top


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  • (Recent:-)

    Kapur, B K, "Economic Policy-making in Singapore: Some Reflections". Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2009 (27 Oct 2009, Singapore)

    Kapur, B K, "The South as an Innovator Too: Factor Endowments, North-South Trade, and Endogenous Growth". Fourth Workshop on Macroeconomic Dynamics (31 Jul - 1 Aug 2009, National University of Singapore)



  • Report of the Central Provident Fund Study Group, jointly with eleven other staff members of the Department of Economics and Statistics, published as a Special Issue of the Singapore Economic Review, XXXI (1), April 1986, 1-108


  • ‘A Short-Run Econometric Analysis of the Indonesian Monetary System’ (with S. Ahmed), study prepared for World Bank Office in Jakarta, 1989

    ‘Payments Disequilibria - Implications for the International Monetary System’, background paper prepared for a Conference on the Role of the International Monetary Fund in the International Monetary System, held at the I.M.F. in April 1983

Other Information Top

Co-Chair, Programme Committee, Far Eastern Meeting of the Econometric Society, 1999

 Member, Far Eastern Standing Committee of the Econometric Society, 1999-2003

 President, Economic Society of Singapore (April 1997 - March 1999)

Editorial Adviser, Singapore Economic Review

Member, Editorial Board, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development

Member, Editorial Advisory Council, Pacific Economic Review

Corresponding Editor, Journal of Asian Economics

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