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National University of Singapore
10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119260

Appointment: LECTURER
Office: AS4/05-12
Email: clssjw@nus.edu.sg
Tel: 65163323
Homepage: http://malay4.wordpress.com/
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Teaching Areas Top

LAM 2201 Semester 1 Yr 2014/15

There shall be a e-learning component for this module:

Lecture: MP3 file plus Powerpoint with Weblog as the corresponding platform

Tutorial A: PDF file plus Facebook as the corresponding platform

Tutorial B. Podcast with weblog as the responding platform

E-learning is merely a varying component of the module.


LAM 3202 Semester 1 Yr 2014/15

The e-learning component would be:

Lecture is based on 2 MP3 files. 2 word files.

Tutorial is based on MP3 and a transcription plus weblog as submission platform

Details to come after week 4 although this is by no means to suggest that the module is merely about E-learning


LAM 1201 Semester 1 Yr 2014/15 [Tutorial A]

The e-learning component will be decided after meeting with the teaching team.

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Current Research Top

Semiotics of performing in selected Malay videos.


Sound symbolism in selected Malay literary texts in Singapore.

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Publications Top


Other Information Top

Poems as Malay language learning materials at tertiary level.
CLaSIC2014: Knowledge, Skills and Competencies in Foreign Language Education. 4-6 Dec. 2014, UTown NUS.

Semiotics of Performing in Najwa Latif’s music videos. 14th Malaysia Singapore Forum, FASS, Universiti Malaya, 9-10 Dec. 2013, Kuala Lumpur.

Translating: A learning strategy of Malay at tertiary level. 14th International Conference on Translation, 7th Asian Translator's Forum, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, 27-29 Aug. 2013.

Work cited in 2014-2015

Wired New Learning: Blogging Malay Literacy. e-FLT (6)1 in Soon C. et al. (2014), Study on Chinese, Malay and Tamil Blogospheres in Singapore. Institute of Policy Studies, Report, Sept. 2014

Review of Levine & Scollon, Discourse & Technology. Discourse & Society 16(4) in Mathematik Multimodal
(Book: Waxmann, Verlag, 2013).

Minda Bacaan: Fonik atau Menyeluruh? Jurnal Dewan Bahasa 43(3), 234-241 in Kemahiran Bacaan Awal
Bahasa Melayu Prasekolah (Book: USM Press, 2014).

Pragmatik Komunikasi Perempuan dengan Perempuan. Jurnal Dewan Bahasa 40(2) in
Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Melayu 4(1).

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Kata Kerja: Mempelopori Suatu Penilaian Semantik Baru. Jurnal Dewan Bahasa 43(6) in Jurnal Bahasa 13(2)

Pemahaman Makna Berdasarkan Teori Nahu Kognitif: Satu Tinjauan Pelopor. Jurnal Dewan Bahasa 41(11) in Rampak Serantau 20

Learning Malay Online At Tertiary Level. GEMA Online™ Journal of Language Studies, 12(1)
in Procedia-Social and Behavioural Sciences 2013

Komunikasi Kreatif SMS? Dewan Bahasa 5(5) in Kencana 2013


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