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National University of Singapore
10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119260

Appointment: LECTURER
Office: AS4/05-12
Email: clssjw@nus.edu.sg
Tel: 65163323
Homepage: http://malay4.wordpress.com/
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Teaching Areas Top

Semester 2 Yr 2014/15

LAM 3201 (Lecture & Tutorial)

LAM 2201 (Lecture & Tutorial)

LAM 1201 (Tutorial)

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Current Research Top


Assessing Malay proficiency at tertiary level: Criteria features in learner language. Kajian Malaysia 33(1) in press.

Aspects of cultural intelligence in idiomatic Asian cultural scripts. WORD 61(1), 1-13.



Penilaian Jurnal Akademik. Journal of Malaysian Studies 32, 113-144.

Towards the assessment, expansion and enhancement of Malay as a Supranational Language.


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Other Information Top

Learning Intermediate Malay with poem. Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2015. National Institute of Education, NTU June '15.

Poems as Malay language learning materials at tertiary level. CLaSIC2014: Knowledge, Skills and Competencies in Foreign Language Education. 4-6 Dec. 2014, UTown NUS.

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Current Relevance Jan.-Mar. 2015 Top

Review of Joel Kincheloe ed. Multiple Intelligences Reconsidered. Discourse & Society 17 is quoted in O. Mantiri, 2015. Is Multiple Intelligences theory relevant to teaching today? Social Science Research Network. Primary learning in a multilingual society." Grammar Gang 2014 is cited in Grand Canyon University Resources: citing guide.   Power Pragmatics in Asian Languages is cited in Michael Haugh (2015). (Im)politeness Implicatures. Berlin: De Gruyter.­­ Participated in an interview with a student as part of the Honour's Degree Academic Exercise.

SEPT~DEC. 2014 Learning Malay Online At Tertiary Level is cited in Soukup, Paul A. "Looking at, with, and through YouTube[TM]." Communication Research Trends 33.3 (2014). Referee for Int'l Journal of the Sociology of Language; The Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching; Theory and Practice in Language Studies. Perlambangan Haiwan dalam peribahasa Melayu. Dewan Bahasa 14(10).


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