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Brief Introduction Top


Jyh teaches two modules in each semester at Centre for Language Studies in FASS, NUS. The modules range from LAM 1201, LAM 2201, LAM 3201, or LAM 3202. A consultant to the Online Language Teaching Project (Adelaide), Jyh is the recipient of Hadiah Karya Kencana from Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (Kuala Lumpur) in 2011, and Outstanding Contribution Award from MOE of Singapore in 2004.  Currently, Jyh is on the editorial board of Theory and Pratice in Language Studies, and Grammar Gang as well as a reviewer for Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching.


Sound knowledge is never a singular act as it builds on interactivity that serves as the basis of understanding. As such, education is a cooperative nourishment between teaching and learning in scaling the depth and breath of knowing. Hitting the unexplored track begets you new vistas, for you never know what you never know.  And we need to know how bad it actually is even if it might not be good hence an experience is born. Experience is an important learning support fostering an intensified understanding, yet a lack of experience provides an exciting phase to chart new development. Both situations invoke different kinds of satisfaction.

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Teaching Areas Top

2013/14 (Sem 2)



The scope of this module is basic Malay communicative competence.

Focusses include grammatical categories, basic sentence construction, oral formulaic forms & listening skills.



The scope of this module is social semiotic competence in Malay interaction.

Materials include excerpts of novel, poem, pantun, video clip, onomastic and idiomatic expressions.



2013/14 (Sem 1) LAM1201 & LAM3201


For E-learning in this semester, LAM1201 used Movie Maker during lecture

Tutorial A combined weblog and YouTube & Tutorial B incorporated a Podcast with a Weblog.


LAM 3201 employed Movie Maker for lecture and YouTube and Wordpress were part of the tutorial e-learning platforms.

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Publications Top



    Aspects of cultural intelligence in idiomatic Asian cultural scripts. Forthcoming.

    Review of Goh SS, Bahasa Cina Bahasa Melayu: Kebolehterjemahan Budaya. Journal of Malaysian Studies 32 (1).

    Towards the assessment, expansion and enhancement of Malay as a Supranational Language. Kajian Malaysia: Journal of Malaysian Studies 31(2), 87-104.

    Ummi's Obedience in Marriage: A critical study of Shahnon Ahmad's Ummi & Abang Syeikhul. Kemanusiaan: The Asian Journal of Humanities 19(2), 79-103.

    Learning Malay Online At Tertiary Level GEMA: Online Journal of Language Studies 12(1), 147-162.




    Persembahan@Media.comKuala Lumpur: University of Malaya Press, 2010.


    Semiotik Persembahan WacanaKuala Lumpur: University of Malaya Press, 2009.


    Reduplicating Nouns and Verbs in Malay: A Conceptual Analysis. Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaya Press. 2007




    Quality of Assessment: A review of NUS Examination SOP. Convenor Meeting, Centre for Language Studies, NUS, 12 Mar 2014.

    Semiotics of performing in Najwa Latif's music videos. The 14th Malaysia-Singapore Forum, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 9-10, Dec. 2013. Performed 2 items at Dataran Sastera (Arts Square) Universiti Malaya during conference dinner on 9 Dec. 2013.

    Translating: A learning strategy of Malay at tertiary level. 14th International Conference on Translation, 7th Asian Translator's Forum, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, 27-29 Aug. 2013.

    Incorporating translation in Malay classromm at tertiary level. Forefront Asia Signature Series: The study of Southeast Asia Today: A Dialogue at NUS, AS7, Kent Ridge, Singapore, 14-15 Aug. 2013.

    Intelligent Structures in Idiomatic Asian Cultural Scripts. Culture in Foreign Language Teaching (CLaSIC12), 6-8 Dec. 2012, NUS Guild House.


Other Information Top

Award Gold - Fire Safety Excellence NUS 2012, 2010; Silver 2013, 2011.

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